Chosen Formation Days

Formation, Education, and Inspiration for Leaders

While Chosen is designed to be simple to implement and run, formation days offer leaders valuable insight and tools to confidently— and inspirationally—teach the program. Teachers, youth ministers, clergy, catechists, and parents will not only learn practical tips and best practices, but will also discover A81C4169how the Chosen program follows the RCIA catechetical model and how this process of conversion can lead teens to a personal encounter with Christ and lifelong discipleship.

Presented by program authors Chris Stefanick, Colin MacIver, and other leading experts, the six-hour day consists of five dynamic talks, group discussion, and an open question and answer period. The presentation covers both editions of Chosen, so whether they will be using the Confirmation edition or the faith-formation edition, leaders will gain valuable insight and understanding to empower and lead teens through their journey of faith.

Five Reasons to Host a Chosen Formation Day

You will …

  • 1. Learn how to lead your teens to a personal encounter with Christ and motivate them to commit to a life of discipleship.
  • 2. Learn how to navigate the potential minefield of the current youth culture and how to speak the language of today’s teens.
  • 3. Gain the tools needed to confidently teach the message and the program. No previous experience necessary!
  • 4. Discover how the Chosen program follows the RCIA model and how this process of conversion is the most effective way to connect with your teens.
  • 5. Discover how Chosen Faith Formation Days are the perfect fit for diocesan offices looking to offer continuing education credits: This is a ready-made day of formation!

Our experienced catechetical trainers and Formation Day event planners provide easy-to-run, affordable, and effective training.


To learn more about scheduling a Chosen Faith Formation Day,
Contact Tara Cabral at 317-603-6199 or email


“It was the most spot-on youth ministry training there could be. Thank you for all of your hard work and heavy lifting to make the day happen!”

Jon Schaffhausen, Diocese of Kansas City–St. Joseph