Praise for Chosen Formation Days

“I found the most valuable part of the training to be the discussion on youth culture and how the Chosen program fits in by addressing the many misconceptions that teens have today.”

Mary Ann Moore, DRE

“The day was very good—I loved it! I appreciated the overview on teens and relativism and how Chosen addresses that. There were also several concepts that can be applicable to all religious education—very helpful and practical advice.”

Gina L., Catholic High School Teacher

“Thank you! This day was very helpful. I’m grateful for the resources Ascension Press continues to produce!”

Sister M. Theresa, DRE

“I liked how the presentations were very inclusive, going beyond the Chosen program and including things like youth culture and the Kerygma. I got ideas for Confirmation, but also for other areas of my ministry as well.”

Chelsea P., Youth and Young Adult Minister

“Thank you–the Chosen program is amazing. The kids love the music and videos. Hearing the “how and why” behind the program helps me understand how to make this work for our students.”

Marge D., Volunteer Teacher

“I found the insight regarding current teen attitudes, priorities, and thought process very valuable.”

Glen E., Youth Minister

“The presentations were a good reminder and inspiration to the importance of being a personal witness in my daily tasks as a teacher. This is going to be exciting and I know successful among students.”

Abby J., Catholic High School Teacher

“I was pleasantly surprised with the presentations and found the information on what young people are really looking for very valuable. I plan to use this for the parish.”

Fr. Robert S.