An Invitation to Parents

“If you engage your child on this faith journey, you won’t only see them grow closer to God and to you – you’ll see that God is calling YOU closer to himself in the process.”

Chris Stefanick

Dear Parents

The Church recognizes you as your child’s primary educator in the life of faith. Your role is pivotal as your child prepares to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation and be fully initiated into the Catholic Church.

You may feel enthusiastic and eager to be involved in the formation process, or you may feel unsure about your role or even about the Faith. Whatever your personal situation, be encouraged by the fact that God loves you and your child without limit. This limitless love—which is the core of our Catholic Faith—is very good news indeed. May the Holy Spirit inspire and encourage you as you guide your child into the fullness of the Faith.

Colin and Amiee MacIver, Authors of the Chosen Parent’s Guide
Unable to attend the Parent Information Session? View the full-length Parent Video with Chris Stefanick and Fr. Mike Schmitz here.