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Chosen Trailer
The official promotional trailer for Chosen.
Guided Tour and Sample Chapter
Review a full sample lesson and tour through the Leader’s Guide.
Parent and Sponsor Guide Highlights
Chosen is designed to not only win over the hearts and minds of teens, but to engage parents and sponsors as well.


Commonly asked questions about the program.
Chosen Press Release
Download the Chosen press release. Includes contact information for interview requests.
Chosen Sample Interview Questions
Download sample interview questions for Chosen author Chris Stefanick.


Chosen Overview
Get the details and pricing for Chosen program components.
Presenters Images and Bios
Meet Chosen’s presenters. Their expertise, dynamic personalities, and passion will inspire and motivate teens.
Promotional images
Presenter pictures, logos, and other images.


Praise for Chosen
Read what they’re saying about Chosen.


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