Lesson Titles

With topics as wide-ranging as Divine Revelation, the Sacraments, Mary, the Church, and discipleship, Chosen leads teens through the amazing richness and depth of our Catholic Faith. For a full list of the topics and lesson titles, check out the latest addition to the FAQ page!


    This program looks incredible. I really want to use it for my Confirmation prep. However, here in New Orleans, parishes typically do a one year prep program that includes 6-8 two hour classes, a service project, and a retreat. I don’t know if this is typical in the U.S. or if we do less because most high school students are in Catholic school…anyway, my fear is that if I change our program from 6 classes to 24, no one will sign up (sad, but true). It’s hard enough to get all 70 of our high school students in the program to attend all 6 classes, and I hate that it is this way, but the reality is that it would be a huge change and probably not well received–though I personally think 24 classes are necessary. Anyway, I thought of possibly using Chosen, but doing maybe 8 long classes and do 3 sessions per class (with breaks in between), but I also don’t want to shove tons of information into each class and risk losing their attention and the program’s effectiveness. Does anyone have any suggestions as how else to make this work?