Christ the King with Chris Stefanick

Our team recently returned from Rome where we spent 10 days filming lessons with Chris Stefanick and Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers. For our lesson on the Church, we worked closely with the Pontifical Council on Social Communications to gain access to various locations around St. Peter’s, including interior footage of the basilica while it was closed to the public. It’s an incredible blessing to be able to capture such striking images and have the opportunity to share them with the teens going through this program.

Here is some footage of a segment on Christ the King with Chris Stefanick…

  • Socorro

    Will you have these in Spanish, too?

  • Robert Scully

    This short segment is disappointing. I loved the perhaps apocryphal statement attributed to Pope Francis that he is the successor of a poor fisherman from Galilee, not a Roman emperor. Here as the kingdom of God is discussed, the splendor of St Peter’s in Rome is shown. I think it sends the wrong message about the kingdom.

    • steve5656546346

      I’m not quite following you: are you claiming that the Church should sell the Vatican, and all its cathedrals? Once the Church militant came out of the catacombs, it started building things to the glory and beauty of God: beauty that Catholics have loved through the centuries. Poor Catholics too.

      Do you think that the Church misunderstood the nature of the Kingdom until fairly recently?

    • Kate Camden

      Thanks, Robert and everyone, for your thoughts! Please remember, you are only seeing a short clip of a longer introduction to an entire lesson that spells out what it means to “build the Kingdom” on earth. Chris Stefanick makes it clear that he’s not speaking in terms of “brick and mortar.”

      The beautiful images of St. Peter’s you see, along with the massive crowds are important to help kids understand they’re part of something much bigger than themselves or their local parish. They’re part of the Body of Christ. And they’re called to bring Christ to others.

      As we move into the lesson, Chris Padgett clearly lays out the need for bringing the love of Christ to the world through everyday witnessing of the Gospel message, including performing the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.

  • Tracy

    I was quite moved by the message, with the music and the majesty of St. Peter’s. He is our King, though his crown was of thorns. The beauty, art and history of our Church cannot be denied. It gives me a more profound sense of belonging to His kingdom on earth which spans 1000’s of years and the entire world.

  • Misty

    Beautiful message & music and while I would LOVE to be at St. Peter’s one day, I agree w/Robert Scully that it sends the wrong message about the kingdom.

  • Peter Ascosi

    nicely done! I think Robert Scully has a point about the visuals of this short video… though Chris did talk about making him king of our hearts and justice, peace, love reigning

  • steve5656546346

    I find some of these comments surprising. How many souls have been initially moved towards conversion thorough the beauty of cathedrals and art created to glorify God! Pope Benedict XVI certainly did not distain beauty, nor did Pope John Paul II, nor did any Pope that I know of going back through the centuries once the Church was able to come out of the catacombs. How many Catholics, including poor Catholics, sacrificed to build up this richness of beauty! How many poor people have enjoyed the feasts of beauty otherwise available only to emporers and kings!

    But now we’ve had a new Pope for a whole 5 months now who admittedly does seem…indifferent to beauty…uncomfortable with created things…perhaps even uncomfortable with dignity? And so now, all of a sudden, that changes everything? So, are all images now to be limited to poverty? Are we becoming iconoclasts? Wow!

  • Ken

    This clip is to get young people interested in the program. It is about
    confirmation! The Holy Spirit moving our young people to change.
    This clip is inspiring and not the end but the beginning. The thread
    below is disappointing since the goal of this clip is to move people to be
    interested in teaching young people about our church! Christ came to
    share in love under the spirit of the law not the letter of the law which appears to be showing below in the negative comments. Looks like an amazing program.