The Chosen Confirmation Study Trailer

The trailer for Chosen: Your Journey Toward Confirmation has finally arrived. Please share the video and help us spread the word about this life-changing program!

Thank you for all you do in the lives of our teens. God bless!

  • Gbon

    Fantastic!…. can’t wait to have this material to use it as a growth follow-up with our confirmation class from last year. One of the challenges we have is that after Confirmation, the youth usually gets disengaged with the Church or an active participation/apostolate. Part of this is in part because there is very little follow up in guidance/formation done unless your parish has a program already in place to address this. In our case, CHOSEN, will be a way keep the fire lit for those who have already gone through the Confirmation program as well. Congrats to the whole team that worked on this material! God Bless.

  • Adam Maher

    This is SO EXCITING to see! I will keep you all in my prayers & may God bless this wonderful program and all who are involved!