Live Q&A with Chris Stefanick

Got Questions? Get Answers!

Join Chosen author and presenter, Chris Stefanick Tuesday March 25th for a live webinar.

Chris will be be taking questions about Chosen: Your Journey Toward Confirmation, offering his expert insight on how to run the program, how to engage teens, and answering important questions you’ve been asking, like:

  • How can I get parents involved?
  • How do I best incorporate the small group discussions?
  • How does Chosen conform with USCCB guidelines?

…Plus your on-the-spot questions, as he guides you through this remarkable new program.

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Tuesday, March 25th

7:00 – 8:00 PM EST

Discover how Chosen: Your Journey Toward Confirmation will provide you with everything you need to prepare your students to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation and to become lifelong disciples of Christ. Sign up today!

Check out the Chosen Downloads!

How are you enjoying your new Chosen materials? Just a reminder, your free Chosen online resources are available to download and review! These resources (link to downloads page) include an Examination of Conscience, a Penance Service and a full three-day 27-page Retreat (also adaptable to a one-day format). This bank of resources will be updated and expanded, allowing the Chosen program to develop and grow to fit your needs.

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The free download of it is available here:

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Don’t Miss Our Free Live Webinar with Chris Stefanick February 4th!

StefanickAs we approach the release of this exciting new program, we want to give you an opportunity to learn more and have your questions answered directly by author and lead presenter, Chris Stefanick.

Join us on Tuesday, February 4th for a live webinar as he guides you through this remarkable new resource that will challenge young people to truly live a life of discipleship and embrace their Catholic faith.

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Lesson Titles

With topics as wide-ranging as Divine Revelation, the Sacraments, Mary, the Church, and discipleship, Chosen leads teens through the amazing richness and depth of our Catholic Faith. For a full list of the topics and lesson titles, check out the latest addition to the FAQ page!

The Chosen Confirmation Study Trailer

The trailer for Chosen: Your Journey Toward Confirmation has finally arrived. Please share the video and help us spread the word about this life-changing program!

Thank you for all you do in the lives of our teens. God bless!

Preview Chosen!

We have put together almost an hour of preview videos from Chosen we want to share with you. Though these selections are just a small portion of the total, it will give you a great sense for the scope and feel of Chosen.


Preview CHOSEN

A Huge Milestone

We are excited to announce that after many months of filming and post production, the CHOSEN DVDs are done and are now being sent off for duplication. Please pray that everything goes smoothly. We are excited for you to see the program when it becomes available in January.

Also, be on the lookout for an announcement soon detailing how you can get a sneak peek of the program! God bless you and thank you.

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