Praise for Chosen


“I find Chosen to be a well-organized, informative and inspirational Confirmation program. The materials are comprehensive, engaging and very practical. Furthermore, the catechesis on the DVDs is presented an interesting and relatable fashion. The materials for parents and sponsors are engaging as well. I believe this program would be very useful for parishes in our diocese.”

Most Reverend Michael C. Barber, SJ, Bishop of Oakland


“Chosen is attention-getting, attention-holding, and attention-deepening. The superbly produced videos grab the viewer’s attention with a well-paced mixture of attractive images and music that enhance the story they help to tell. The distinctive personalities of the presenters hold the viewer’s attention with their enthusiasm for topics they obviously know and love. What they teach deepens attention because its content is substantial, thought-provoking, and explicitly well-grounded in the Catechism. The texts for students, sponsors, and parents echo the images and themes of the videos, which in turn reinforce the reading material with brief weekly reviews.

Chosen exemplifies Catholic diversity-in-unity. The widely differing life experiences of a host of talented presenters-men and women, priests and laity-offer converging, convincing testimony to the Truth of the Way and the Life they have found in Christ’s Church. This program engagingly invites young people to follow their example. I do not doubt it will help many make the choice to do so.”

Most Reverend Liam Cary, Bishop of Baker


“Teens who experience Chosen will find themselves drawn deeply into the beauty of Catholicism and the love of Jesus Christ. In a world searching for meaning, Chosen speaks to the hearts and minds of our youth through comprehensive materials and engaging videos taught by an impressive array of presenters. This is a new level of catechesis that uses modern methods to transmit eternal truths. I’m grateful to Chris Stefanick, Ron Bolster, and the entire team at Ascension Press for creating this program.”

Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop of Philadelphia


Chosen speaks to youth in their language, from their culture, and with the enduring love of Jesus Christ. Chosen is a thoroughly Catholic confirmation program from the heart of the New Evangelization. Chris Stefanick and his collaborators have combined experience, wisdom, and the best tools of contemporary media to develop a compelling and comprehensive catechesis that strives to form lifelong disciples for Jesus Christ.”

Most Reverend James D. Conley, Bishop of Lincoln


“The Chosen: Your Journey Toward Confirmation is an excellent program that will assist in the formation of Confirmation candidates, sponsors, and parents. This comprehensive study will undoubtedly strengthen Confirmation preparation through its commitment to strong catechesis and handing on the Gospel message of salvation. It is apparent that the Chosen presenters have a strong desire for holiness and virtue, and their examples will have a profound impact on all who participate in the program.

I, unreservedly, recommend the Chosen program to all the faithful preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation. It is my hope that the parishes and schools in the Diocese of Sioux City will take advantage of this valuable study of catechesis and evangelization.”

Most Reverend Walker Nickless, Bishop of Sioux City

“The examples that they use in the videos are really relatable and you can understand them, it’s not just people lecturing you.”

Cassie, age 13

“All I can say is “Bravo!” Chosen is absolutely awesome! The way the program moves from the workbook to the video segments to discussions, etc. is perfect. It keeps this age group moving and engaged. And it is consistent – so they know what to expect each time.”

Teresa Henderson, Confirmation Catechist, St. Agnes Parish, Mena, AR

“Before I started Confirmation, my friends and I didn’t really know what we were doing or what the point was. And then after we did Chosen we began understanding everything—and now we’re all on fire. I actually understand my relationship with Jesus, which is really good right now.”

Connor, Age 15

“Overall Chosen is great for both the youth ministers and the teens. We like it because we don’t have to prepare a whole talk along with a schedule and everything else. The teens like it because the videos are fun and it isn’t just the youth ministers talking the entire time.”

Jasmine Pujol, Youth Minister, St. Cecelia Church, Clearwater, FL

“I really liked the videos. It wasn’t just a lot of facts and people just talking. In Chosen, [the presenters] were into it and making it exciting for us. While you’re learning a lot about Confirmation and what you’re there to learn, Chosen is fun and enjoyable to watch.”

Kendall, Age 13

“We are delighted with the Chosen Program. The catechists love it and the students are quite engaged. There is lively discussion and serious consideration of these important topics. This is just what I have been looking for over the course of many years to get the students out of the text books and into the 21st century! Colorful, attractive, great moderators, pertinent, up to date. One catechist pleaded with me to keep the program for next year as her daughter will be in 8th grade! What more can I say?”

Nancy Doran, Director of Religious Education, St. Francis of Assisi, West Nyack, NY

“I think the small groups really help me because I can talk about anything about my religion. I don’t have to feel so shut out when I ask questions about my faith because I know that they are just like me. They may not know the answers because they have the same questions that I do, but the teachers really help me figure out those answers.”

Molly, Age 12

“We can see already that the Chosen program is going to give them means to remain firmly rooted in Christ. Students said that it was very clear to them that the presenters were passionate about what they were talking about, and were seriously and lovingly interested in them. They also commented that it is so much better than driver’s ed!”

Sr. Paschalina Marie, St. Peter’s Parish, Spokane, WA.

“Our catechists rave about bringing experts into the classroom through the videos so that their role is to focus on the candidates. I really think that the background webinar and the training videos are top notch [and] the downloadable resources will be a great time saver. Ascension Press always impresses me with their customer service. This time, with Chosen, it is over the top.”

Christine Pershey, Director of Faith Formation, Cathedral of St. Raymond Nonnatus, Joliet, IL

“Ascension Press has diagnosed the pitfalls of the current Confirmation preparation crisis and has provided the perfect antidote in Chosen. With its strong emphasis on conversion and proclamation of the Gospel combined with exquisite videos and parent and sponsor resources, Chosen exemplifies how the New Evangelization should be embodied in the area of sacramental preparation.”

Jon Schaffhausen, Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph

“This program is unlike any other program I have come in contact with, in the way that it touches on the daily life and experiences of the kids in a very real and honest way. It challenges the youth to a life of sainthood and holiness. I highly recommend Chosen to anyone responsible for the sacramental preparation and formation of youth. It allows sponsors and parents to accompany the Confirmation candidate, which is a key component for any young person striving to live the Christian life.”

Sister Florencia Silva, Director of Youth Ministry, Diocese of Bridgeport

“The Chosen Confirmation Program accomplishes what many video-based programs for teens seek to do: to draw them into a relationship with Jesus Christ. While there are many programs and catechetical tools that offer video to “teach” the material, Chosen is different in that it uses short, high quality, and VERY high production videos to present the faith in a way that engages those who are used to having the attention span of 140 characters. This goes way beyond a Confirmation program, though. Because of the way it is setup, Chosen will reach way beyond the Confirmation Class in any parish. By carrying out the entire program the way it is clearly spelled out in the included Leader Guide, it is frankly impossible for a parish community NOT to be engaged energized, and evangelized with the help of Chosen. Ascension Press has simply revolutionized the way we do Confirmation for adolescents. Whatever any parish is doing for their Confirmation program, Chosen ought to be a very significant part of it.”

Anthony Keiser, Director of Youth Ministry, Diocese of Tulsa