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In Case You Missed It…

Did you see all the buzz about Chosen this week? If you didn’t, don’t worry! We’ll link you up.

Go ahead and check out:

Lisa Hendey’s review on

Kathy Schiffer’s review (and giveaway!) on Seasons of Grace

“Take 5 with Chris Stefanick” interview on The Practicing Catholic

Jackie Francois Angel’s favorite behind-the-scenes story (and video) at


Stay tuned! Rumor has it there’s more to come next week…

The Word is Out!

The word is getting out about Chosen!

Starting April 8th, you’ll probably notice various blogs and outlets posting unique content about the program. As you follow this virtual “blog tour” around the internet, you’ll have a chance to read honest reviews from Catholic bloggers, participate in giveaways, and learn even more about this unique tool for evangelization.

Thanks in advance to all the incredible websites hosting a stop on this blog tour! Keep watching – We’ll be linking you to their sites as they share their thoughts with the world.

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