Monthly Archives: June 2013

Missing the Mark

For our sin and reconciliation lesson we used an archery analogy. The word “sin” comes from an Ancient Greek word that means to “miss the mark.” Check out what happens after the shoot when Jackie Francois shoots a bow and arrow for the first time…

Suffering and Prayer with Fr. Mark Toups

The problem of evil and suffering is a big stumbling block for many teens on their faith journey. How could a loving God allow such things to exist in the world?

Our team spent a week in New Orleans filming lessons on redemptive suffering and prayer with Fr. Mark Toups. He touched on the reality of suffering, what teens can do when they experience it, but also how God is right there in the midst of it with them.

He also gave a powerful teaching on what prayer is, why it’s necessary, and how to incorporate prayer into their daily (hectic) lives. Here are some highlights…

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